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By creating a profile on our site, you agree to The MediaPanel Member Rules and Regulations. Any violation thereunto is actionable by dismissal from the MediaPanel with no exceptions and without prior notification.


MediaScience is not responsible for the misuse, damage or theft of prizes. Prizes are subject to availability, therefore the listed prizes may change at any time without prior notice. To ensure that the prize you intend to “purchase” is available, please check the “Prizes and Benefits” page before entering the code to redeem your points. Prizes “purchased” will be collected at the end of each month and shipped on or around the 15th of the following month to the addresses provided on member profiles. It is panel members’ responsibility to ensure that we have current addresses and contact information on file.

Study Eligibility:

Eligibility is determined based on the information panel members provide and the specifications of the study. Not everyone is eligible for the same study, therefore point earnings may vary according to individual cases. If you have any questions or concerns about your panel member profile, please contact us at 512-837-5646 or info@themediapanel.com.

Point Eligibility:

All active panel members in good standing are eligible to obtain points.